About Us

Νήσος by D&T - Θοδωρής & ΔέσποιναWe are Theo and Despina, a couple since 1989. In 2015 we decided to make our dream come true and to present to you our creations. So we established “Νήσος” (“The Island”) in our beloved Skiathos, in order to offer to all our guests branded Greek goods of best quality, which we make with great passion and love. We want to share our passion for Greece, ancient Greek sandals and Greek jewellery with you.

Our creations are all handmade and made with great passion.

The materials we use are entirely Greek, especially the leather for the sandals. The designs combine the ancient Greek fad and modern fashion trend of our times.

For our creations, we use gemstones (=semiprecious stones), our favorite pearls, excellent quality corals, extrusive rocks (stones created by flowing lava), tiger’s eye stones, agate, clay, crystals and many other stones in several sizes, shapes and colors of excellent quality. The metals used for bonding jewellery and sandals are silver, brass and alpaca. For the completion of the creations we use fabrics, leathers, cables, wood, recycled plastic and several other imaginative materials.

We also host handmade creations by various Greek artists, such as exquisite handmade hats, silk shawls, fashionable clothes, as well as earthenware (=pottery items).

We invite you to navigate to our website and get to know our work.

Find your lucky stone from Skiathos and bring it to us.
We will create your lucky charm medallion!
Keep the summer of Skiathos forever in your heart!!!