The Importance of colors in our life!

The Importance of colors

The Importance of colors in our life!

As spring summer as well is a season, which bring to us a vibe of refreshment and change. These seasons, where the sun and the colors overflow the nature and our lives, come after a dull and heavy winter.
Our psychology is changing and there is a better mood to face our daily life. One of the most important factors for this change is the colors.
We have at our disposal numerous color options and infinite combinations. All colors have a hidden dynamic character which has been studied and researched carefully.

The colors affect directly our emotional state and reveal important messages for our personality and the present state of our lives. The preference and our choices in colors, convey a certain energy. So if you thought so far, that the colors you choose to dress, or to makeup, or on your hair, or for your accessories, or for the decoration of your home or your office and in your overall business is just random, it’s time to learn what they reveal your emotional state and how it affects your mental attitude and your feelings.

The colors and their interpretation

Black: is a color that generally symbolizes the mystery, the hidden, unknown, as also seriousness, sadness, fear, control, power and authority. People who love black color are in need of strength, independence and they are quite decisively. They want to have control of their lives and they do not easily allow themselves to have ephemeral emotions. The gravity plays a dominant role in their lives and more often they want to hide the pain or unpleasant feelings that are inside them!
Black is particularly popular in modern fashion as it seems that people who wear black look thinner. At the same time others believe that black is symbolic of subordination, which is why priests wear black, declaring their allegiance to God. Under this point of view there are some analysts, who believe that women who wear habitually black are usually more submissive to the opposite sex. In some societies, including the Greek, the black color is strongly connected with mourning as it symbolize the darkness and sadness of loss that falls to the lives of the diseased closest persons.

White: In contrast, white is associated with purity and innocence, eternal beauty, peace, harmony, simplicity, freshness, purity and truth. People who love white color want in their life perfection to prevail. They want to live in a clean and simple setting and they are very conscious of their health.
The white color transmits feelings of trust, security, knowledge, experience and clarity. Besides, it is no coincidence that doctors wearing white outfits!

Red: Color red symbolizes passion, eroticism, fertility, strength, the courage, the will, determination, aggressiveness and independence.
The view of the red speed pulses and raises blood pressure. We can understand our physical and psychological response that creates red color if we consider how we react to the sight of blood. Red clothes catch much attention so avoid them in cases where someone is in the midst of agreements or negotiations just for the reason not to raise strong emotions. However the softer shades of red have exactly opposite effects as proven as particularly relaxing.

Pink: Symbolizes benevolence, tenderness, romance, care, children, youth, friendship, love, sweetness, sensitivity and self-esteem. Pink transmit positive emotions and gives hope, inspiration, warmth and comfort.
The person who prefers pink is, sensitive, tender and quite unsafe. That person needs constant care and support. He gives generously his feelings and approaches people with warmth and understanding.

Blue: Blue is one of the most popular colors as it is associated with the sky and the sea as well as relaxation and feelings of elation. Blue is the color of trust, responsibility, honesty and faith. It represents the complete tranquility and it has a soothing effect on the central nervous system. At the same time, it increases the sensitivity of a person towards situations. (For this when we are close to the sea we become more affectionate and calm). The blue is often preferred as the base color for BEDROOMS or clinics. The effect of blue on calming a person has been demonstrated experimentally as it has been found to cause the secretion of specific substances that help relaxing the psychological state of a person. However, there are shades of blue, which can be very cold and depressing. In the vast majority of the blue color, it’s been associated with someone’s better performance and it is advised to prefer blue clothing in an interview process also it is established that even athletes perform better in places where the background color is blue.

Green: Corresponding effects with blue has green which is inherent to the nature and the following peace. The green color represents balance, harmony, creation, renewal, perseverance and sensationalism, but is also a sedative color as blue. Additionally represents family, stability, commitment, care, logic and unity.

Yellow: Yellow is a very intense color that attracts attention. It symbolizes knowledge, hope, happiness, joy and fun. The feeling that yellow causes us is pleasant since it has similar effects on our body with red, without however expressing aggression and sexuality so strongly. At the same time it wakes us pleasant and creates to us a feeling for action. However, researches show that people lose their tempers easier in a yellow room and the babies cry more often in places where the yellow prevails. People who love and use yellow have highly intelligence, they have knowledge and love new experiences.

Purple: The color purple symbolizes luxury, elegance, wealth and sophistication. It represents the unknown, the strange, secret and control. It frees the mind from unpleasant thoughts and concerns and makes our inner spirit creative.

Gold: The color of glory. Gold symbolizes wealth, understanding, sun and heat. People who prefer gold have clarity, vitality, inspiration, self-esteem and understanding. Excessive use of that color reveals anxiety, indifference and uncertainty.

Silver: is the color of psychic abilities. It represents the moon, the intuitive side of the mind and the nobility. People who prefer silver are consistent they possess great intuition and seek prosperity. The strong preference manifests gabfest, tendency to lie and lack of plausibility.

Beyond that, everyone’s favorite color symbolizes something for him. It is his favorite because it reminds him of something he has been connected with, something positive that causes pleasant feelings. What is your favorite color; Find and keep it, use it on your site so that you feel comfortable in it and above all to remember that a life full of colors is a more joyful life…

“You got the brush, you have colors, painted paradise and get in there!”
Nikos Kazantzakis


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